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NoStench Microfiber Cloth


The Cloth That Doesn't Stink!

by Everest Microbial Defense

Finally, An Antimicrobial Microfiber Cloth That Won't Stink!

  • Doesn't allow bacteria to grow
  • Non-toxic, Does NOT use poisons
  • Safe for your family
  • Safe for cleaning all surfaces
  • Great for dusting, washing & wiping
  • GUARANTEED not to stink!

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300 gsm, 16in x 16in Quality Microfiber

Overlock Stitched Edges For Long Life

Make Stinky Cleaning Cloths

A Thing Of The Past

The benefits of microfiber:

  •  200,000 fibers per square inch means an enormous amount of surface area to absorb liquid or hold dust and dirt.

  • It can actually absorb up to 7 times its weight in liquid.

  • Extremely efficient in cleaning.

  • Built in Everest Microbial Defense™ antimicrobial protection means you can effectively & safely clean with just water!

  • Eliminate the worry about the damaging effects of bacteria, mold or mildew.

Put an end to the stench that makes your nose twitch, your face scrunch up and your hands smell.  Put an end to having to throw away your cleaning cloths before they wear out.  Get the one and only antimicrobial NoStench™ Microfiber Cloth that is guaranteed to not stink for 90 days.

No Smell
No Poisons
No Worries

NoStench™ puts an end to the horrific smells that can plague your cleaning cloths by preventing bacteria, mold & mildew from growing / surviving in the microfiber.  Its like the stink never even had a chance!

(it didn't!) 


It seems like magic, but its really just good science.

Common "so called" antibacterial microfiber cloths use poisons (like silver ions) to kill bacteria & then those poisons leach out to potentially harm the people you love.


The antimicrobial NoStench™ Microfiber Cloth uses a proprietary technology that physically destroys / prevents bacteria.  Its like there are millions of tiny little molecular spikes all throughout the microfiber that attract and destroy germs.

(actually its EXACTLY like that)

No more horror caused by smelly cleaning cloths * No more poisoning the ones you love * No more throwing away cloths before they wear out * NoStench™ Protection won't wash out


The antimicrobial NoStench™ Microfiber Cloth is unconditionally guaranteed not to stink for 90 days.

Safe for all kitchen and home surfaces.

Safe for your family.

Stop using all those dangerous cleaning chemicals!

True Chemical Free Cleaning Without The Smell

Regular cleaning cloths start to stink in just a few days.  They stink because they are teeming with bacteria.  Then you just throw them away - what a waste.  Or you can try to sanitize it but studies show that doesn't work.


The antimicrobial NoStench™ Microfiber Cloth doesn't stink because it doesn't allow bacteria to live on it's surfaces.  It is fully guaranteed to NOT stink for 90 days - so you will save a ton of money by not having to throw it away.
Comes In A Convenient 2 Pack
For Only $16.95

You should always be stench free!

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That's more than 50% less than the leading brand of antimicrobial microfiber cloths

(& they use harmful silver ions!)

Customer Review:

                                               THIS WORKS

This sponge really does NOT stink! For the first time, I don't dread reaching for the sponge. Not just for weeks, but I've used the same sponge for MONTHS and it doesn't smell. The other thing I really like about this sponge is that one side has microfiber on it - so it even cleans better than a normal sponge. I recommend this to everyone who has a stinky sponge in their kitchen spreading germs all over the place and making their hands smell. I hated that - and now I'm not afraid to grab my sponge and wipe things down. My kitchen is cleaner, and my hands don't stink. - By Jon Rottier on August 4, 2017   (Verified Purchase)


90 Day NoStench™ Guarantee

Each NoStench™ Microfiber Cloth is unconditionally guaranteed against stench caused from bacterial growth for a full 90 days from the date of purchase. If at any time during the 90 day period the NoStench™ Microfiber Cloth stinks, it can be returned for a full refund.


(Note: it is necessary to adequately rinse the cloth after each use. Food particles / debris left on cloth can support bacteria growth that may cause odor, but the microfiber cloth materials themselves are protected from bacterial growth).

Antimicrobial NoStench™ Mocrofiber is Safer

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