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Kill Germs On Contact

All of our microfiber cloths are treated before shipping and treatment lasts for the lifetime of the cloth. Our NoStench™ technology keeps the cloth from smelling for 90 days. Guaranteed!

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What Is NoStench™?

Our microfiber cloths are treated with Everest's EV360™ which is the science behind our NoStench™ technology. 


Unlike any other protectant, EV360™ provides lasting protection from harmful bacteria and germs WITHOUT toxic chemicals. Those germs are what cause traditional cloths to stink, so you can be sure that your NoStench™ cloth is germ free!


Invisible to the naked eye, Everest's EV360™ contains molecular spikes which kill microbes and bacteria on contact. These spikes bond to surfaces and are 99.96% effective at killing the dangers we cannot see - germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses. 

Mechanical Kill


Worry Free

EV360™ covers any treated surface with a layer of molecular spikes. These spikes impale bacteria and microbes on contact and continue to protect for up to 90 days.

The bond is so strong that even consistent scrubbing (think of your kitchen sink) will stay protected after all of those loads of dirty dishes.

Now surfaces that would be vulnerable to growing mold, mildew, or offensive odors are protected without the use of toxic poisons!