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Kitchen Sponge

The sponge that doesn't stink.

Imagine your peace of mind when using a sponge that is protected from odor causing bacteria. Our safe, effective anti-odor technology delivers a physical kill of odor causing bacteria – with no poisons.

There are 10,000,000 bacteria per square inch on the average kitchen sponge,

which makes it 200,000x

dirtier than the average

toilet seat.

-- University of Arizona professor of microbiology

No poisons.

No dangerous chemicals.

Our unique protection kills odor causing bacteria mechanically – not chemically – through millions of microscopic, molecular spikes.

Bound Technology

Each molecular spike is permanently affixed to our products and wont transfer onto other surfaces. 100% invisible to the naked eye and 100% harmless to the human touch.

The result:

safer and smell-free sponge that doesn't transfer odor causing germs from one surface to another.

We arent the only ones who believe in our products.

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Prevents spread of odor causing bacteria. One 4 pack lasts a year.

More durable. Just as odor free.

One 4 pack lasts a year.