Don't just fight odors - stop them at the source!

The NoStench® Odor Prevention Spray keeps odors from invading virtually any surface for 90 days per application.

Masking odors is a losing battle.

Odor eliminators and fragrances are only temporary disguises.

Odor prevention is a lasting solution.

Prevent odor wherever it's a problem.


Protect the interior of lockers to keep biological gunk from building up and causing a stink.


Keep your washing machine free of the dreaded mildew stench. It even remains effective between washings!


Maintain your cars off-the-lot scent without the need for fragrances or air fresheners.


Keep pets smells and biological stains off of your favorite furniture.


Save money and get more use out of your athletic wear when you protect it from developing odors.

Here's how it works.

Image by Pat Whelen
Complete coverage


Our fine mist solution makes it easier than ever to achieve complete coverage while minimizing waste.

Image by Pascal Meier
Microscopic barrier


That mist creates a microscopic barrier that pops incoming odor-causing bacteria like a balloon.

Image by Mattia Astorino
Lasting protection


The treatment is harmless to the human touch and will continue to prevent odors for 90 days!

What have you treated for odors?

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